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검증업체: CNN Justice reported on 11th of January that the Feds arrested more than 60 people in 17 states of America, who have been alleged for involvement in providing fraudulent documents. Similarly on 16th of January 2012, Saipan Tribune mentioned a story about a woman who has been arrested on accounts of document fraud related to immigration.

Beside those two stories above, there are thousands of cases reported every month regarding documents fraud and counterfeiting. Documentation fraud is becoming the major issue for both employment sector and for immigration as well.

The reason why this crime is increasing all over the world, because of the shortage of employment opportunities, the increased educational and employment standards by employers. Every single employer today needs genuine, fair and respectful employees who eventually become a profit in future. They are looking for people who have best educational background according to the respective position, they look for considerable experience of working on similar capacity, they need young people to boost up their overall energy level, they need legal status employees who don’t have any criminal record and they also seek about the credit scoring.

Employers want 100% or you can say that they want a SUPERMAN Employee. Due to this phenomenon the job candidates are forging their birth certificates, buying fake degrees and diplomas, getting counterfeit licenses etc. The risk for employers has been increased dangerously in past few years.

How to Counter Document Fraud via Original Source Document Verification Process:

Document fraud can be conducted in a number of different ways. Below I will show you how fraud takes place and how it can be detected.

The main types of Document Fraud are:

  1. Impostors – the holder of these documents looks like the rightful owner (Passports, Identity Cards, Driving License etc)
  2. Counterfeiting – Document made from the scratch – (Educational diplomas, degrees, birth certificates, licenses etc)
  3. Forgery – a genuine document which has been altered – (Resumes, experience certificates, etc)

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