10 Places in the US to spend Thanksgiving Weekend

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Don’t want to cook a huge feast at home this Thanksgiving? Why not escape to a fantastic destination wherein you can enjoy a scrumptious feast with the family, relax, and have the time of your life.


With FareBuzz thanksgiving coupon, you can plan a beautiful Thanksgiving getaway. Relish food made from farm-fresh ingredients and soak in the warmth of outstanding destinations inviting you to have a memorable celebration.


The air is crisp and the temperature is dipping. This is the perfect time to warm up with family and friends and savor the festive flavors of the season.


Here is a list of top 10 places in the US for Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. Orlando in Florida

No doubt, you would find Universal Studios and Disney World jam-packed in this season, yet the charm of visiting these places on Thanksgiving is unmatched. Don’t miss Disney Cruise Line’s traditional turkey dinner.


  1. New York City

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is world famous. Undoubtedly, New York is one of the most preferred destinations to spend Thanksgiving weekend. The city is bustling with festive activities these days.


  1. Hawaii

You can hop to Hawaii in any season, but November is great, as you won’t find a rush here. So, if you are looking for a solitude trip, this is the place to be. Relish the special holiday meals. Choose the drier parts of the islands, usually the western and the southern coasts.


  1. Chicago

The McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade is an eye-catcher. It happens in Downtown Chicago on State Street. You will love the marching bands, the larger-than-life floats, and the fun and frolic. The Christkindl market of Chicago opens during Thanksgiving week.


  1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas boasts of world-famous chefs and restaurants, so no wonder, your taste buds will go on a ‘high,’ tasting the scrumptious Thanksgiving food. For a classic meal, book your seats beforehand. And while you feast here, the neon lights of the city will take your heart away.


  1. Los Angeles

The city promises to fulfill your autumn dreams. Don’t miss the ‘Downtown on Ice’ event, which is held annually at Pershing Square. The place is illuminated with festive lights and the atmosphere is filled with holiday music. Amidst this, you can ice skate, forgetting everything else in the world.


  1. San Diego

Well, you can’t miss this lively beach on Thanksgiving! A famous beachside hotel here offers gourmet Thanksgiving feast. You can also participate in Father Joe’s Thanksgiving Day 5K, which is a charitable run, proceeds of which go towards feeding meals to the needy.


  1. Miami

Miami beach is worth visiting. There is a lot to do during the weekend, besides, of course, savoring the Thanksgiving meal. Visit the South Beach or Florida State Park. Come here with your family or friends or even alone and you will love every moment of being here.


  1. Boston

Visit Boston for indulging in rich American history, clear days, and crisp air. You can find some great deals for hotels at the Thanksgiving weekend. Visit the Plimoth Plantation – the origin of Thanksgiving tradition. This is a historical pilgrim location, which holds its unique Thanksgiving dinner event. You will feel blissful coming here.


  1. Plymouth, Massachusetts

If you like Old School, visit Plymouth. This is a picturesque, tranquil town symbolizing the national tradition of offering thanks and relishing a feast. It will give you a feel of the 17th century. The plantation opens in March and closes after Thanksgiving. The meal is scrumptious. Don’t miss the Mayflower II, which is replica of one of the ships that arrived here in 1620. In short, if you want a traditional weekend, visit this place.


It’s only a few days for Weekends. Plan your trip and book your flight. You can easily get cheap hotel deals, as in many places the rush is low. However, a few of the places are jam-packed with travelers who want to celebrate the festive season frivolously.


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