A Course In Miracles Audio By Discovering Who You Are

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A Course In Miracles Audio: I am continually following my inner light and learning that there is really nothing for me to fear. Now with a life of balance and inner peace I am sharing my thoughts and views by extending the truth about who and what I am, as I continue to learn.

Its presence did find me and has opened my mind to a whole new world, the real world.

Was this series of abstract material contained in A Course in Miracles destined to find me? If so, why in prison? The answers to these questions and more are no longer a mystery to me.

Discovering who you are can be an exciting yet also a messy journey. This can be an experience that is necessary for many and for some may involve some temporary losses as was the case with myself.

Sometimes discovering who you are can mean the loss of what we think defines us.

The power of a life of balance

Let’s look at this more closely. There is no doubt in my mind that throughout the years of my life I was certainly being led, not necessarily to A Course in Miracles, but to a spiritual reality I could feel united with.

Is this the Holy Spirit’s use of time with me, as well as a good example of His undoing of my errors and the arranging of events? It certainly is, and no one could know this but me.

There are many people in the world today, perhaps you, who are as curious and confused as I once was, still trying to discovering who you are, and wanting to feel secure in looking beyond the body, but are afraid to do so.

ACIM is simply the tool the Holy Spirit used, based on my state of readiness to clearly see beyond the body.

Life Purpose

The Holy Spirit used my errors to get me willing and ready for a long-overdue change. He saw prison as the perfect opportunity.

Did the Holy Spirit bring on the events that led me to prison? Of course not; the ego in me did.

I have described the event of my greeting ACIM in detail to many others everywhere, which I consider to be an extension of Self.

At that time, though, with all that was going on in my life before being sent to prison, it was the Holy Spirit’s best method for getting my attention. My “house built on sand” needed to be leveled and rebuilt on a “foundation of solid rock”.

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