A Course In Miracles Podcast


A Course In Miracles Podcast is an exotic fruit, which, when eaten, changes a taste in a human mouth from sour to sweet, for example: after consuming miracle fruit, lemon juice will taste like sweet lemonade. This effect is caused by miraculin, contained in miracle fruit. Miraculin itself is not sweet, but after a human taste buds are exposed to it, sour food, such as citrus, is perceived as sweet. Miracle fruit does not change taste just to sour food, but to almost any type of food. What you eat after using miracle fruit is up to your imagination.

The effect of miraculin lasts from 15 minutes to 2 hours (depends of a type of consumed food). After that period of time, human tastes are back to normal (lemon tastes sour, grapefruit tastes bitter…).

Is it safe for me to eat it?

Miracle Frooties have no negative side effects on health. Further more, not only that they are 100% safe and fun to use (does not matter if you are a child, an adult, a pregnant woman,…), they have positive effects on health as well. This product is excellent for people who are struggling with diabetes, using strong medications, participating a chemotherapy due to a cancer disease, etc. It even helped many people to loose their weight.

Tell me more about this health benefits.

Every type of food tastes sweet after eating miracle fruit tablets and because of that you can bake for example a desert without adding white sugar or artificial sweeteners. You will love it because you’ll know that you did something good for your health and your children will love it because it will taste so delicious and sweet.

Miracle frooties are also useful as a part of your weight loss program. Consuming Miracle frooties will decrease your need of sugar, because all types of fruit and vegetable will taste much better and sweeter.

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