Desert Safari Dubai – An Exceptional Experience for Life

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Dubai is the place of travelers, every year many people visit Dubai for holidays, traveling, or business trips. If you ever visit Dubai don’t miss out on a desert safari tour Desert Safari Dubai. brings an exceptional experience for life. While exploring the desert-scape you can live the traditional lifestyle of Arabs.

If you are a dessert enthusiast, and love adventures activities, Dubai is waiting for you. Doesn’t matter if you are alone or with a group Desert Safari Dubai has got the best packages for you and your friends. You can cherish the moments with your loved ones in the desert, the Packages are customizable as per your requirements. The desert safari tour is not only a visit to the desert but a whole experience that you won’t get anywhere else.

  • Vehicle Options

There are two types of vehicle options you can choose from.

  1. For big groups, tours are held on the bus. Each bus can accommodate up to 30 tourists.
  2. For small groups or individuals, SUV or Land Cruiser can be booked. Each car can accommodate up to 6 tourists.
  • Pick and drop facility

With us, you will enjoy every moment in the desert to the fullest. We redo the bundles, according to the prerequisites of every traveler. At the specified hour, our driver will get you from the inn or indicated spot. The safari begins with 30 minutes of hill slamming, as you arrive at the desert camp. Photograph meetings, camel rides, and bunches of experience sports are a portion of the attractions of this safari. Other than the Desert Safari in Dubai empowers you to get a credible taste of customary Arabian foods. Quad trekking, sand-boarding, and other diversion shows are a portion of the center attractions for you.

The pick and drop point for a desert safari tour.

  • Burjuman Centre
  • Deira City Centre
  • Sahara Centre
  • Al Barsha
  • Dragon Mart
  • Mega Mall in Sharjah
  • Sharjah City Centre

A morning or evening in the Arabian desert is something you don’t get to encounter frequently. To watch the sunset over the skylines would be a visual treat for you without a doubt. Alongside these, you have a few amusement exercises, similar to hip twirling, Tanoura show, and fire show. You may likewise like henna painting or inking. The sightseers regularly entertain themselves with photograph meetings in conventional Arabic outfits. Toward the finish of the amusement shows, you will adore the inviting BBQ supper. You additionally have vegan choices.

Make sure to specify your preferences to us while booking a tour. our drivers are very experienced, and you will remain under the supervision of a skilled instructor when you enjoy adventure sports. Besides we prioritize the comfort and safety of travelers, you will love mesmerizing time, when you go for the desert safari in Dubai. Travelers might pick an early morning desert safari, evening safari, evening desert safari, short-term safari, and other redid.

  • Activities At Desert Safari Dubai

A Desert safari tour is not only a driving tour but also comes with some amazing and exciting activities. Which includes.

  • Camel rides
  • Dune bashing
  • Photo session in traditional costume
  • Sandboarding
  • Henna tattooing
  • Sheesha smoking
  • Unlimited tea, coffee, and soft drinks
  • Tamura dance, belly dance
  • Fire show
  • Stickman show

After dinner, you will be dropped back at the specified hotel or sloping edge. The desert safari in Dubai normally goes on for around 6 hours. It is prescribed to pick the space, between 3 pm and 9 pm, with the goal that you can observe the nightfall. Wear calm garments, and sneakers or sports shoes to cover your feet. You might convey your camera to catch the wonderful minutes.

  • Luxury Desert Safari in Dubai

We arrange a luxury desert safari in Dubai in little gatherings of 6 travelers in every SUV. In these bundles, you can partake in some additional elements, as expanded long hours of dune slamming photographs with Arabian falcons and significantly more. The travelers can likewise appreciate VIP air-conditioned tents and server administration in the extravagance bundle. Assuming you need to encounter the rush in the desert with an additional portion of comfort, you should go for this bundle. Every one of our guests stays guaranteed from the second they get into the SUV. Book your desert safari in Dubai visit with us and treasure some amazing minutes in the desert.

Adjust Your Timings with Desert Safari Dubai

Desert safari is much more than you think, you can explore this beautiful place anytime whenever you want. Here are the different timings which can accommodate you.

  • Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Presently here’s a thing, partaking in a safari in Dubai is one of the top activities in the UAE and travelers can positively settle on an evening desert safari in Dubai. Strongly suggested by explorers, the evening safari offers various stops, taking everything into account. For certain glorious dusk sees and various exercises to appreciate, an evening safari appears to be all great. When showing up to partake in the safari, guests are passed through the astonishing rises. After arriving at the campsite, one can enjoy exercises like camel riding, sandboarding, dune bashing, etc. Also, in case you’re eager, there’s reliably a delightful grill dinner prepared at the camp alongside Shisha.

  • Offers At Evening Safari

There is what should be done in Dubai with regards to an evening desert safari here. While the timings for the pickup are as a rule around 3 to 3:30 PM, one can enjoy various exercises till 9:30 PM. Appreciate Dune Bashing in the Dubai desert for a term of 20 to 30 minutes. Alongside it, there are various exercises accessible like sand skiing, quad trekking in Dubai, etc. There’s nothing better than dusk photography when on an evening safari in the desert. There are numerous peaceful dusks focuses that are ideally suited for photography. Appreciate astonishing camel rides in the desert as you invest your energy in respecting the scenes of the desert. Appreciate watching hip twirling, the fire show, and Tanura show in the desert. Guests can get a bar office alongside a smorgasbord supper thus significantly more during their time at the desert camp.

  • Morning Dubai Safari Tour

In a rush? Or then again have a significant make a difference to take care of during the day? All things considered, what about a morning visit through the desert in Dubai? Regularly viewed as a superior choice for those occupied throughout everyday life, a morning desert safari in Dubai offers the very fun and energy that one can ordinarily hope to get whenever of the day. Indeed, a safari right now must be one of the important attractions in the UAE today. Regarding this entire experience, the morning desert safari starts with a get toward the beginning of the day that is typically around 9 AM and goes on for 2 hours all things considered.

  • Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Thinking with regards to an opportunity to encounter the best desert safari in Dubai? Indeed, what about short-term under the stars? Regularly nearby to at least 2 individuals just, the short-term desert safari can likewise say to be an expansion of the evening safari in Dubai. There’s an alternate vibe to the entire experience as you unwind for the time being in the tent under the stars. With washrooms and essential shower offices, the camp during the short-term desert safari in the UAE has various exercises for guests. One can, truth be told, even relish a new breakfast in the first part of the day directly toward the finish of the experience before returning to the hotel.

Summing up

In conclusion, the deserts safari Dubai with its all-wonderful opportunities and experience of a lifetime. Is a place where you can capture precious moments of your life, have fun with your family, and make your trip exceptional. If you have this opportunity avail it, you will be going to enjoy.

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