So how do you make your choose for diving philippines?

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You will have to think about what it is that you are looking for. If you are looking for a holiday just for diving philippines and not much else than live-aboard diving is a great chose. Liveaboard holidays usually offer great dive sites and lots of dives. There is a price tag however. If you still want the freedom to do other things that just diving but still want the luxury of boat diving. Then day trip boat diving is probably the best choice for you. Day trip boat diving gives you the easy entry’s (most of the times). And there is no need to walk with equipment (except to the dive platform). Do realize that even day trip boat diving usually takes up a day. Although it is possible to day half a day. Most of the times you will return to shore somewhere in the afternoon.

So you are thinking of Scuba Diving Philippines?

That is all very well but just how and where in Philippines are you planning to Dive? Philippines is a diverse diving destination with multiple locations to Dive  each offering different types of diving.  While many Scuba Divers visit Philipines on cruise ships and understandably want to dive. The problem with that is the cruise ships dock in Philippines City. Philippines City has never been a top diving destination in Philippines. It is mainly used as a base where all the Philippines liveaboards use to dock and re supply for there next trip. The waters around Philippines City are a nice shade of chocolate. Due to the river mouths that empty into the ocean there. If you dive from Philippines City. You have to travel about 45 minutes to an hour to get to the Philippines Barrier Reef where the visibility is much better.

Best dive sites:

The dive sites that you will be able to dive from a cruise ship will NOT be the best dives in Philippines. And as long as you understand this then go ahead and dive. My only problem is I read people saying oh yes I dove Philipines and was not impressed. Once asked where did you dive, I am told oh we went on a cruise ship and dove for a day. Lets look at the different types of diving Philippines has to offer


Scuba Diving Philippines, Philippines Barrier Reef Diving:

The Barrier Reef runs 175 miles the entire length of Philippines. The reef actually comes right up to the surface and the waves crash over the reef as they head to the shore. What this means is the only way to get out to open sea is by negotiating the breaks in the reef called Cuts. These are natural. Negotiating these cuts in all but calm weather can be quite tricky for the boat captains and uncomfortable for the divers on board. Every now and again you go up and the boat comes down hard.

Be prepare for diving:

Many divers are not prepared for this type of diving. Most expect flat calm seas like they experienced in the Cayman Islands. Or Cozumel and find it a little beyond there comfort level. (Not recommended for people with any type of back problem.)

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