UCDM – How You Can Gain Financial Freedom Using Adwords


A very successful UCDM AdWords guide came out a few months back. You may or may not have heard of it. I did not buy it then. I read there would be additions to it. So I waited.

It makes some very bold claims, such as “earn $300 a day” For most folks that is a lot of money. It is written by a guy who was new to internet marketing when he started, and through trail and error was able to raise his income to over $1000 a day and increasing. Can anybody do this?

Let us break it down, lift the curtain and see what is under there.

Can it really be true?

Let us find out.

Inside we encounter four main sections, as follows:

Section One: This gives a good grounding of the basics of how AdWords works. Many people who already use AdWords will have this knowledge. But for those who do not, it is a handy primer.

Section Two: This section covers writing ads, which most would agree is vital to AdWords success. And it covers it well. I especially liked the “Well, duh” method. So simple but very effective. And assures us it is idiot proof. Which means even the least experienced AdWords marketers can be effective with most of their ads fast.

Section Three: This one tackles campaign management. A very important section. If only because you always need to keep your spending as low as possible while testing. Covers this in decent detail.

Section Four: Finally we get into the meat of the book. This covers some very good stuff. Probably the most valuable of which is “the skimming method”, where it teaches you how to obtain cheap clicks. Rather cleverly thought up. I’ve tried it myself and it works. The real trick is as always, finding the gem of a niche.

This section also covers how to use the “Google Cash Method for 2006” Did you think it was dead? Google cash can work, just in certain circumstances, which are outlined in the book.

In the main manual, this section is by far the more important and will have your brain humming with the ideas it produces.

That was the original, and a very good read. However there is more. I’m glad I waited.

As well as the manual itself comes three additional bonuses reports and three videos.

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