Use Unrefined Shea Butter for Strong Hair

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Shea butter has long since built a solid reputation as a fabulous skin care product. Renowned all over the world for it’s natural and safe moisturizing and anti-aging properties, the biggest reason people use it on their skin is, quite simply, because it works.

However, even though it is a natural wonder of skin care solutions, very few people are aware that it can be used for other problem areas as well. Your hair is a perfect example.

Shea butter, in an unrefined and unprocessed form, is one of the best remedies you can find for dry, damaged or brittle hair. Not only does it add deep hydration to each and every strand of hair, it also has the added benefit of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your hair needs to grow strong and healthy.

Of-course, adding moisture to your hair is only one step in repairing things like split ends, frizziness and breaking hair. Retaining moisture is just as important. Shea has natural components that meld into your hair shaft, effectively reducing the loss of moisture and leaving your hair soft, shiny and supremely manageable.

While many mass produced commercial hair restoration applications offer shea as a key ingredient, you will get the best results from unrefined, raw shea. Unfortunately, the process of manufacturing even organic products can decrease many of the natural nutrients that make this such a great supplement for your hair.

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