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Who Is Jesus” cried the small boy, running toward his mother. “Mommy, you must help my sister. She is trying to take some food away from a dog. I think she will eat it.”

The fragile-looking woman hurried outside just in time to see her daughter putting some unclean food into her mouth. The dog had apparently decided that the food was too rotted to eat himself and allowed the child to have it.

“No! Don’t eat that. It is not clean,” the mother kindly scolded. She grabbed the dirty food and threw it back toward the dog, who smelled it and then let it lie on the ground.

Some neighbor women shook their heads in bewilderment. “That child of hers is possessed with some demon. She does such stupid things,” said one of the women.

“You’re right,” the other woman agreed. “The mother even tells people that she is at wit’s end, not knowing what to do with that kid.” Putting her hand slightly over her lips, she added, “I even heard her say that the girl has a devil inside her.”

“I don’t doubt it at all,” the first woman admitted. “There is definitely something very seriously wrong with her. She is like a dog or some other dirty animal, not like a human at all.”

Inside her humble little house, the mother tried to wash the young child who was crying and babbling some nonsensical string of chatter. The mother tried to show love, but the girl resisted and was out of control again. She tried to reach breakable items which had purposely been placed out of her reach to prevent her from breaking all their possessions.

During all of the commotion that was going on, an older son entered the house and tried to get his mother’s attention. “Mother! Mother, listen to me, please.” It took a few minutes for him to finally get his mother to look toward him with frustration written on her face.

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