Mystical Teachings

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Mystical Teachings is an immediate belief in a higher power or deity. It is an important role that it plays in about all religions but it is not a religion in itself. All religions have a higher element that is a ruling entity. There is God, Buddha, Allah, and even Satan. There is always something there.

Mysticism is also used in Yoga. Some people say that you can’t practice religion and Mysticism at the same time but that is just not true. When you rationally think about it they go together because it is a belief. If we should just pick one thing we are limiting ourselves to a closed mind.

There are several people of note that have practiced Mysticism in the past. Some of them you might have heard of. We will begin with Socrates, the Dali Lama, Edgar Cayce, and several others including Jesus Christ. When we talk about Mysticism we are actually talking about something that we believe in. You can’t see it but it is there just waiting for us to call on it.

There are several general characteristics that Mysticism share with all the religions. That is being a feeling of knowing that there is something that we can’t see but it is what makes things happen. It is a belief system that has to do with everything around us and having this we can go on for another day.

Mysticism is one thing that gives you a true sense of joy and satisfaction. You can give unconditional love and accept love. When you are not remembering what it can give you, you just have to reach down and remember what it is like in the good times. We all have bad days but when we believe that we can change things it usually happens.

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