The Morocco Adventure – Day Trip From Casablanca To Chefchaouen

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Day Trip From Casablanca To Chefchaouen: Some experiences are thought to create psychological and physiological arousal by an exciting, unusual, bold, risky and uncertain undertaking termed adventure. It is a major pursuit of it in itself. An adventurer or adventuress is the one who believes in the existence of fun from risks in life; be it physical, financial or psychological for the recreation with excitement endured in the process. Travelling can be the most satisfying adventure involving exploration and tourism to remote, exotic as well as hostile areas by stepping out of one’s own comfort zone.

Struck by Lonely Planet or Travelogues, Africa is place of deprivations but not when it comes to adventurous explorations. With every turn of the head, there is something new and exciting to venture out into being one of the many authentic destinations. It’s second to Egypt as a North African holiday destination.

It is a constitutional monarchy located in the North Africa. The political capital of the country is “Rabat” with “Casablanca” being the largest city. It has always been known for its Islamic liberalism and openness towards the Western world. Morocco is a diverse place with culture and geography. Languages spoken here are Darija (Moroccan Arabic), French and Berber. Same way Moroccan literature is written in Arabic, Berber and French. Rock-influenced chaabi bands are widespread with trance music with historical origins in Muslim Sufi music.

The landscapes are a wild mix up of mountainous regions, calm coastal enclaves and barren deserts. Morocco borders Algeria to the east, Spain (through the Straits of Gibraltar) to the north and Mauritania with the Western Sahara to south. There is miserable climatic variation in the country. In the north, around Tangiers and the Rif Mountains; sunny and dry summers run from May to September. South experiences desert climate with very little rain, soaring temperatures during the day and sharp drops to cooler temperatures at night. During rainy season, The Atlantic coast receives rain and during winters, the High Atlas Mountains are blessed with snow.

There are frequent flights from most major European cities to Morocco and an option of overland travel through Europe via the Straits of Gibraltar. The infrastructure in Morocco is good with well serviced roads and public transport in the North as well as Central regions but further south the roads get narrower plus bumpier. The major cities of Morocco Guided Tour are Marrakech, Fès, Tangier, Casablanca and Rabat. Notable fact is that Morocco is the starting point for travelling all across Africa.

The country is divided into three natural regions. The fertile northern coastal plain along the Mediterranean contains Er Rif; the rich plateaus and lowlands lying between the Atlas Mountains. It extends in three parallel ranges from the Atlantic coast in the southwest to Algeria and the Mediterranean in the northeast. The semiarid area in southern and eastern Morocco merges into the Sahara Desert. Morocco has the most extensive river system in North Africa with most of the rivers flowing towards the Atlantic or Sahara. The Moulouya is an exception and flows to the Mediterranean. Principal rivers of the country are Oumer River, Sebou, Bou Regreg, Tensift, Draa, Sous, Ziz and Gheris. Its 1800 kilometers of coastline offers exhilarating waterborne and wind loving activities in this region. Seaside entertainments include surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, Trekking, rafting, mountain biking, off-road driving are inland sources to boost up the adrenaline.

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